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Ten thousand organic consumers signed OCA’s petition last week to Barack Obama, asking him to take a clear position in support of organic agriculture. Thanks to all who joined in to deliver this resounding message to the incoming administration. Unfortunately, it is now being widely reported that former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is being considered for the Secretary of Agriculture position in the Obama Administration. Vilsack is a notorious cheerleader for genetically engineered crops and chemical and energy-intensive industrial agriculture–certainly no friend of organic food and farming. Tom Vilsack’s appointment would represent a major disappointment for the Organic Consumers Association and its members. But there is still time to make your voice heard.

Visit our friends at Organic Consumers Association to vote for the future of YOUR food!

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a freelance author for Natural News

The still-unresolved 2007 Farm Bill is getting the United States in trouble with her bookies at the WTO, while diverse and powerful groups wrangle over their own interests on Capitol Hill, with consumers caught in the middle. It’s like every other Farm Bill except that this time someone noticed.

In 2007, the links between the Farm Bill, USDA policy, human health and energy policy have been touched on in the popular press for the first time since the USDA’s role was significantly expanded in the early 1950s ((http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/22/magaz…) . In fact, the influence of today’s USDA reaches just about every significant geopolitical and personal situation in
one way or another, be it trade, immigration, health care policy and Medicare, the type of light bulb you may buy, the price of a Whopper vs. a bowl of cherries or even where war will break out next.

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