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The summer has been a busy one with many new and exciting projects around here on our very young evolving farm, and yes, I said “farm”….

For many years our CaMp TuRloCk homestead has been a place for family celebrations, a respite for friends to recharge with some country-time & a menagerie of well loved animals and of course home to Local Choices.

Today it feels good to say our homestead has added a new venue:  A farm!

A farm that grows our own food organically, a farm that provides a pastured haven for chickens of  Shady Oak Organic Eggs, a farm that feeds our family and beyond!

So stay tuned as we look forward to sharing with you our growth, new projects & this amazing gift of nature that is right out our back door.

In the meantime, enjoy some photos from our garden. See, we have been working hard!

(Check back soon for the sound of  happy chickens)

Growing Corn

Lavender at Local Choices

A day's berry harvestPhotos taken by Alexandria Araiza

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A Critical Look at the Latest Organic Headlines

Posted in Cuesa’s, Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture, weekly  e-letter.


With all the shots being taken at organics lately, this week’s headline proclaiming “Organic food not healthier” probably wasn’t a surprise for sustainability-minded eaters. (Tough economic times have many Americans looking for ways to spend less in the short term, so it’s an opportune time for agribusiness to step in and seal the deal.) The coverage — which, in some cases, leapt to conclusions beyond those drawn by the study — prompted an outpouring of passionate, articulate testimony about the many-faceted value of organic food.

The research in question is a survey of many studies, encompassing the last 50 years. It was commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), an independent government body in the UK, and, as the headlines imply, it concluded that organic and conventional food have around the same nutritional content.


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