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   On the way to my family’s house the other evening, I passed one of our local strawberry patches.  It came to me as the sweet perfume of sun-ripened berries wafted in the window on the balmy summer air…It’s that time of year again…

Time for shorts and flip flops, farmers markets and county fairs, fresh fruits and veggies, canning and preserving, frolicking in the garden, and chowing down on all the local goodness you can get your hands on!

Here in the valley we’re very lucky to have such a dazzling array of produce to choose from!

You can put a face and warm smile with what fills your plate, by visiting a Fruitstand or Farmer’s Market in your area….

If you prefer stalking your own goodies in their natural habitat, you can find a You-Pick Farm in your county…

A CSA is also a convenient option which supports your local farmers…

And if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can always grow some fruits and veggies of your own…You don’t have to have 40 acres, just a few pots or old buckets on the porch will do!

Whatever you choose, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing where your food came from and who grew it…not to mention nothing compares to the taste of fresh veggies and fruit!

Or the smell of it on the breeze for that matter…Happy foraging!

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Here you are, the long awaited video of “our girls”, sorry for the delay.  With all the changes coming to Camp Turlock, we’ve been busy bees!  There is some exciting news we can’t wait to share with all of you, so stay tuned!


Shady Oak Chickens

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Visit LHF website to see their beautiful farm at….


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There is a local jewel in Clovis we want to share with you….

Trelio Restaurant, owned by brothers Chris and Michael Shackelford. The brothers work brilliantly together, Mike the talented chef and Chris the passionate Sommelier. A visit to Trelio is sure to heighten all of your senses!Trelio's brothers, Michael and Chris

The smells of wine and delicate dishes are inviting and relaxing, you can hear the sounds of wine corks popping and happy customers engaged with their Sommelier. The candlelight presents the best ambiance of the dishes and you are always sure to have Chef Michael ask how your meal was.

The real beauty of this place rests in the knowledge knowing your food comes from a hard working farmer close by, and ‘local‘ doesn’t even hint on the passion the brothers have for supporting those in the Central Valley. Their menu is seasonal, meaning what is grown in the season. It is tasty and fresh, and they are often avid shoppers at the Vineyard Farmers Market in Fresno.

Dinner at TrelioWe had the pleasure of spending some time with Chris and Michael after the restaurant closed and really came to know these gentlemen. They are genuine, funny, and very knowledgeable about what they do and what is going on around them, especially when it comes to online technologies. With a very active following on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, they remain very transparent about what happens inside their restaurant.

Have a question of your own?

Just go ahead and ask them next time you visit Trelio & tell them Anna n’ Alex sent you!

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We want to help our Central Vallians take this challenge!

100 Mile Thanksgiving

The goal according to 100milediet.org kicks off on Thanksgiving day and challenges us to eat foods that have been grown within a 100 mile radius for 1 year….

What could be more healthier than starting a new year by being part of a sustainable local movement that is good for the body, soul & environment!

This challenge will be fun and not that difficult considering we live in the food basket of the world, not only surrounded by big ag but our favorites…the small family farms!

Where ever you live, a good place to start is with your local family farmers, most are already looking for new members wanting to supply you with their abundant harvest through their CSA’s. Give them a call, take your family and go visit these farms, you wont be disappointed.

And lets not forget the awesome foods that can be found at your local farmers markets, most markets will have more than just fruits and veggies, you can find breads, butter, raw milk, sweets, nuts, soaps, honey and even flowers.

For staples like flours, beans, rice, granolas and spices visit your local health food store, you can buy these needs in bulk and they are usually less expensive than individual boxes or cans.

And if you are really serious and are blessed with a green thumb…plant your own garden. Our friends from “Botanical Interests” can help you with your seed selections and all the information you will need to get going!

There is no better time than now to bring your family to the table and teach your children how to appreciate real food grown from the earth by local farmers who care about what we eat!

So…let’s support or local economy and join us in celebrating good local foods this year and discover who & what is growing in our communities!

We are here to help make this commitment by keeping current information on your Central Valley Local Farmers & Farmers Markets, also listing other sites with great information that will help you take on this “farm to table pledge”.

Please share with us how you will take the challenge!

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What can you do?


If you want to know more about sustainable food but aren’t sure where to begin start with these 3 Easy Steps. Simply educate yourself on the issues so you can ask the right questions in order to take action to eat healthier.

In other words – Educate, Ask, Act!

Read on….


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