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The Pick and Gather at Riverdance Farms

and Merced River Fair

A Farm Festival that is really On-a-Farm

May 30 – 31, 2009

12230 Livingston Cressey Road

Livingston, CA 95334

Saturday: May 30th 9 am till 5 pm
Adults: $ 10.00: Children (3 to 12): $ 5.00

Come Pick Organic Blueberries and Cherries. Listen to live music and vivid storytelling. Experience the Merced River, its fish, wildlife, plants and the stars and planets overhead. Workshops highlight home gardening, farming with nature, alternative energy, local food and how to prepare and preserve it. Take a hay ride or climb a hay mountain. Enjoy fun and educational kids’ activities and local artists’ demos and exhibitions. Food is available; mostly local, organic and healthy. Saturday night camping. Evening astronomy program, great for families or adults!

Saturday night campsites $ 10.00

Taste of the River Valley: Food and Wine Event: Sat 4 pm to 7 pm
Author Mark Arax is the featured speaker, plus live music
$ 20.00 for Day Participants: $ 25.00 at the Gate.

Laid Back Sunday: 8 am till 2 pm
Adults: $ 5.00, Children (3 to 12): $ 2.50.
More U-pick fruit, farm tours, live music. Enjoy the river.


For more info contact Cindy  Lashbrook at (209) 761-0081 ~ riverdancefarms@clearwire.net~

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April 29th ~ May 3rd, 2009

“The Magic of Ag” is the theme, bringing awareness and appreciation of our large agricultural valley loaded with big and small farms & ranches. Kat and her hard working crew have been preparing for the Henry Miller Farm here at the fair for some time, to educate the community just how much impact animals have in the agriculture cycle.

The hands on petting zoo is filled with a variety of critters from baby calfs and goats to a very large Belgium Blue. A steady flow has passed through this huge venue in awe, most visitors for the first time experiencing new born chickens, goat & cow milking and the importance of feed and care, lot’s of learning going on here!100_4941


As popular buzz words have hit main stream media here in the central valley such as eating local, recycle, sustainability, green, grow your own foods…we thought it was a good time to actually put our own twist on this movement. So Kat and I have put together a simple back yard garden display in the middle of this farm, showing just how easy it is to do. We used all recycled materials from fence posts to old tires and planted a vegetable & herb garden that looks eco-friendly, relaxing and like you want to hang out for awhile!

Come check us out, see our “Organic Oasis” and we’ll show you how you can create this in your backyard!


If you don’t make it to this fair not to worry

you can catch up with us and our “Organic Oasis” at the Merced County Fair in july!

Merced County Fair 2009 logo: Catch The Buzz

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“All Natural, All The Time”

Sorensen Farms

is Springing into Lambing Season!

Visit our friends Robert, Emily and family at: Sorensen Farms and see what’s new! Reserve your lamb, buy your wool, get a yummy recipe, learn about Melek the protector of sheep and meet the kids!

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Just as Athena, goddess of wisdom, provided the olive tree to the Greeks, the Piccirillo family provides all natural virgin olive oil to California’s San Joaquin Central Valley!

Fascination for Greek mythology and Athena’s divine creation of the olive tree is what started Anne Piccirillo’s dream and hobby, now nine and a half years latter it is a successful thriving olive orchard with 417 Spanish and Italian olive trees. The reward for persistence and hard work for Anne, her husband Paul and daughter Eleanor is now living in the middle of this beautiful olive orchard here in the small community of Gustine, Ca.

The Piccirillo family grows 4 different varieties of trees – Ascolano, Leccino, Frantoio and Mission, unlike many other olive oils their varieties are separated, offering 4 different types of oil – each with its own unique warm and roasted flavors. This specialty olive oil is extra virgin, first cold pressed (considered the best), meaning the olive is processed once & using as little heat as possible insuring the highest quality oil from the olive.

As we taste test a buffet of her oils with fresh french bread we learn from Anne just a few of the many health benefits of this Mediterranean fruit, it has a high content of antioxidative substances suppling vitamin E, healing fats supporting good cholesterol levels, lowering risk of colon cancer and the most common, heart disease.

When the harvest and time allows, Anne will also offer hand made soaps of lavender, honey/oatmeal and goat milk.

Harvest begins in the middle of October to beginning of November, while the olives are 1/2 green and 1/2 dark for quality flavor.

  • If you would like to try your hand at harvesting there is a volunteer day the third week in October, give them a call at 209.631.1137 … we’ll be there!

Athena’s Gift, Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be found locally at :

Beekman and Beekman in Hughson, Ca

Wolfsen’s Meats & Sausage in Gustine, Ca

Merced Farmers Market

Los Banos Farmers Market

Hops & Bangers event in Gustine, Ca

To order online and learn more about the people in your neighborhood visit Athena’s Gift!

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It has been the dream of Rob and Candy White to become full time natural farmers for some time. While this husband and wife team have other full time jobs, their new hobby has turned into a successful small local side business by word of mouth!

Rob White started his natural farming adventure with just a couple of grass fed beef. After appreciating the good clean flavor of this meat and the encouragement of an organic farmer friend Ross Shoop, he decided to expand their new farm family with chickens and hogs.


It didn’t take long for Rob to devise a portable chicken coop that is rotated around a small arena allowing chickens to continually dine on new grass, little buggies, and collect fresh eggs.

Now the hogs are here… they are Tamworth and Tamworth cross hogs, this breed is adapt at grazing and are known for their lean meat and tasty bacon, the first group will be ready by June.annas-photos-2008-007

We have to say it is very odd to see these traditionally grain fed hogs enjoying their unlimited supply of grass, but it is said that happy animals make for better tasting meats.

It is obvious that Both Rob and Candy enjoy the relaxation of tending and nurturing their animals with their natural farming practices, all the while providing a healthy food source for our central valley community!

Give Rob a call and decide for yourself if grass fed is the way for you and don’t forget to tell him who sent you!

Rob & Candy White
Snelling, CA

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