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I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring.  After so many months of cold, rain, frost, and fog, the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Wintertime too.  Warm fires, fresh bread, rich hot chocolate, savory stews, and holidays with family are all delightful.  But, by this time of year, I’m usually ready for a change.  As soon as we get a sunny day or two, I start fantasizing about warm dirt between my bare toes, and the tangy burst of sun-ripened tomatoes in my mouth!

Last weekend was gorgeous.  My Dad brought over some baby fruit trees and boysenberry starts for me.  I have begged for his assistance in my quest for the ultimate garden, as he is the master, and I cannot yet snatch the pebble from his hand.  I remember, while I was growing up, he always had a garden.  Unfortunately for me, watching him garden back then, and managing my own wayward piece of heaven by myself, are two very different things….


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What inspires me…

Responsible farmers who not only believe in doing work that matters but also loving the work they do.

This guest post you are about to enjoy will hopefully inspire you as it has done for me:  to show up.  Written by Anna Brown, farm manager of  the organic Uplift Farms in Ceres, Ca.  She is a young woman who believes in giving back to her community and is as brilliant, authentic and adorable as her blogging words!


Every once in a while, we all need something that reminds us why we do what we do.  When the activities of daily life become a blur, one sight or word or experience can bring us back to center and return things to focus.

I had an experience like that last Tuesday, and it had to do with cauliflower.  Specifically, mid way through the weekly harvest in my 1/2 acre patch of winter vegetables I found the biggest and most beautiful cauliflower I have ever seen.  This variety of cauliflower usually keeps its leaves wrapped protectively around the head, but the one that caught my eye that morning had completely lowered its leaves, as if showing itself off to the world and inviting admiration.

Yet neither that cauliflower nor its neighbors down the row were perfect in the conventional sense.  Its beauty was a function not only of size and looks, but of the way of living and farming that nurtured it.

One difference between my cauliflower and it’s conventionally produced brethren is that most of mine show the traces of one insect or another, mostly caterpillars.  But I’m willing to forgive that because I grow organically and know that farming without pesticides means cultivating diversity and being willing to share space with competitors to some degree.  In fact having a crop that tolerates pest pressure without being decimated is a success!

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We want to help our Central Vallians take this challenge!

100 Mile Thanksgiving

The goal according to 100milediet.org kicks off on Thanksgiving day and challenges us to eat foods that have been grown within a 100 mile radius for 1 year….

What could be more healthier than starting a new year by being part of a sustainable local movement that is good for the body, soul & environment!

This challenge will be fun and not that difficult considering we live in the food basket of the world, not only surrounded by big ag but our favorites…the small family farms!

Where ever you live, a good place to start is with your local family farmers, most are already looking for new members wanting to supply you with their abundant harvest through their CSA’s. Give them a call, take your family and go visit these farms, you wont be disappointed.

And lets not forget the awesome foods that can be found at your local farmers markets, most markets will have more than just fruits and veggies, you can find breads, butter, raw milk, sweets, nuts, soaps, honey and even flowers.

For staples like flours, beans, rice, granolas and spices visit your local health food store, you can buy these needs in bulk and they are usually less expensive than individual boxes or cans.

And if you are really serious and are blessed with a green thumb…plant your own garden. Our friends from “Botanical Interests” can help you with your seed selections and all the information you will need to get going!

There is no better time than now to bring your family to the table and teach your children how to appreciate real food grown from the earth by local farmers who care about what we eat!

So…let’s support or local economy and join us in celebrating good local foods this year and discover who & what is growing in our communities!

We are here to help make this commitment by keeping current information on your Central Valley Local Farmers & Farmers Markets, also listing other sites with great information that will help you take on this “farm to table pledge”.

Please share with us how you will take the challenge!

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September 6 ~ 13, 2008

This fabulous event by far is the coolest thing happening in the foothills of the Sierras since the gold rush days!

This community has done an outstanding job of coming together honoring their farmers, artists and history for their second annual festival. Over an eight day period with 6 venues at 6 different locations you will be introduced to beautiful farms, local artisans, ranches, foods, wines, forests and much more.

Foothill farmlands fest is not only celebrating the Mother lode community, it is affordable and GREEN….a definite “must do” to support this good time that will go solar, reduce, reuse and recycle!

Check out all the festivities on their awesome website www.farmart.org and their continually updated blog!

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The 21st California Small Farm Conference brought hundreds of small farmers to Visalia to learn from researchers, farm advisors, and other growers. Over thirty workshops and seven day-long short courses at local farms were made available over the term of the February 24-26 conference based at Visalia Marriott Hotel. The California Small Farm Conference is both an event and the organization that plans and hosts the conference, explained the group’s president, Allen J. Moy, adding that the volunteers and sponsors who bring the annual meeting together comprise “a non-profit organization with no office, and no paid staff”.

Dr. Preston Maring, of Kaiser Permanente gave the keynote address on Monday. Maring started the farmers market at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland for the benefit of employees and visitors to the center where he is associate physician-in-chief. Kaiser Permanente facilities now have 30 farmers markets in six states.

A regular farmers market shopper for years, Maring promotes local markets from his belief that “what people eat makes all the difference in the world” to their health. Conversely, he said, “the effects of bad diet go way, way downstream in the health care system.”


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Michael Pollan’s sensible and decidedly counterintuitive advice is: Don’t eat anything that your great-great grandmother would not recognize as food.

Writing In Defense of Food, and affirming the joy of eating, Pollan suggests that if we would pay more for better, well-grown food, but buy less of it, we’ll benefit ourselves, our communities, and the environment at large. Taking a clear-eyed look at what science does and does not know about the links between diet and health, he proposes a new way to think about the question of what to eat that is informed by ecology and tradition rather than by the prevailing nutrient-by-nutrient approach.

Here is a short interview by Deborah Kane, Vice President of Ecotrust Food and Farms, and publisher of Edible Portland.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.ediblecommunitie posted with vodpod

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She is fresh, she is wholesome and she comes from just over the hill,
the beautiful Salinas Valley.

Kudos to this organic company, it is not only proud of the triple washings of their salads, but their recyclable bags and corn-based compostable trays.
They are responsible growers that are doing their part for the environment by practicing sustainable and ecological farming.

So, for those Safeway shoppers, this is opportunity to do your health a favor and try Organicgirls greens and vegetables.

Don’t forget… we want to know what you think!

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