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Take this opportunity to hear what’s going on in your Central Valley every first Friday of the month with Tom Willey and guest speakers on KFCF radio….

Down on the Farm ~ KFCF 88.1  fm

Friday Feb. 5th

5:00-6:00 pm

The topic: “A recent immigrant to these parts from No.Carolina has discovered Fresno’s ethnically diverse neighborhoods to be a veritable food wonderland. Host, Tom Willey will interview James Collier whose fascination with our food culture led him to co-found the online community, “Taste Fresno”, fast gaining members and notice. It’s possible newcomers recognize treasures underfoot to which we locals have become complacent. We’ll discuss a citizen food activist’s vision of the celebrated edible culture we could become on KFCF’s Down on the Farm. “

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I am very excited to say that I am on a committee that is putting together a new Farmers Market here in Turlock.  Our goal is to offer our community a healthy local food shopping experience!

If you are a farmer interested in space at this market, leave your information in a comment and I will get back when the market is further along in its planing stages.

The survey that was posted has been closed, so check back soon for upcoming market news!

Happy Farming, Just Anna!

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This my locavores is a must see…..a good step in supporting local!

This is my second post about this documentary and after seeing it my emotional reaction confirmed the importance of  my blog…to share what I feel is important with my community….good whole food & how to find it, I am one small effort to support local and this film is the reason why.

Mark your calendars & take a friend to the beautiful restored  State Theater in Modesto. Food, Inc. is a powerful documentary that will affect the way you eat no doubt, or at least plant a seed in that direction.

The film runs August 14 – August 22…..if you see it, we want some feed back here!

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Kline Organic Produce has cucumbers available for pickling. The Suyo Long cucumber makes really nice chips, while the Tender green variety is good both speared and whole. Price is $2.00/lb. for orders less than 25 lbs.
and $1.75/lb. for orders greater than 25 lbs.

Order soon while they’re available. To place an order go to www.klineorganicproduce.com and Brian Kline will provide you with basic pickling instructions, It’s easy! One 15 lb. box can yield about 15 qts. of pickles….Yum!

And if you are looking for a local CSA farmer in the Modesto area, Brian is your farmer!

Check out his site for the annual “Tomato Tasting” in August, sure to be a fun event!

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Be a *locavore with an evening of healthy local choices!

Women’s Local Choices Night

Friday, June 19th

6~9 pm

Come enjoy a causal evening in the country

celebrating local women sharing their unique products……

Hey Honey Organic Lemonade, Pure Valley Honey, Pink Papaya Spa Parties,

Juby’s Salsa, Visalus Nutrition, Weston Price Foundation, Riverdance Farms,

Athena’s Olive Oils, My Sisters Bakery, Kangen Water, Rancho Piccolo

and music guest

Rachel Rene

This venue will be for women only


Riedinger Ranch

3301 E. Linwood Ave

Turlock, CA

For more information please contact

Anna Riedinger (209) 667-7947/(831) 594-5638


*those who prefer to eat locally grown produced food

this event is free!

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If so share with us!

If not & need some tips on how and why

watch this….

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Here’s to keeping it simple!

Need a last minute gift?

How about these darling seeds for the Valentines in your life….

They can be found at your local nursery!

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It has been the dream of Rob and Candy White to become full time natural farmers for some time. While this husband and wife team have other full time jobs, their new hobby has turned into a successful small local side business by word of mouth!

Rob White started his natural farming adventure with just a couple of grass fed beef. After appreciating the good clean flavor of this meat and the encouragement of an organic farmer friend Ross Shoop, he decided to expand their new farm family with chickens and hogs.


It didn’t take long for Rob to devise a portable chicken coop that is rotated around a small arena allowing chickens to continually dine on new grass, little buggies, and collect fresh eggs.

Now the hogs are here… they are Tamworth and Tamworth cross hogs, this breed is adapt at grazing and are known for their lean meat and tasty bacon, the first group will be ready by June.annas-photos-2008-007

We have to say it is very odd to see these traditionally grain fed hogs enjoying their unlimited supply of grass, but it is said that happy animals make for better tasting meats.

It is obvious that Both Rob and Candy enjoy the relaxation of tending and nurturing their animals with their natural farming practices, all the while providing a healthy food source for our central valley community!

Give Rob a call and decide for yourself if grass fed is the way for you and don’t forget to tell him who sent you!

Rob & Candy White
Snelling, CA

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I’m looking forward to meeting all of you who are also striving to lead a healthy life….

Marie Meredith, Merced Chapter Leader!

Anyone interested in improving their health? If so, you might be interested in the Weston A. Price Foundation. The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt charity dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. Visit their website to learn more about the organization: http://westonaprice.org

Are you concerned and/or interested in the following:

You should consider joining the newly formed Merced County Chapter!
Our first meeting is on Saturday, January 24th at 10am.
We are meeting upstairs at Bishop’s on the Square (460 W. Main St.)
There is no need to rsvp, just show up and it’s free!

If would like more information you can email Marie at mariemeredith@hotmail.com or wapfmercedcounty@gmail.com. You can also reach her at 209-769-6894.

Attached is a flier if you’d like to spread the message. If you would like to join our yahoo group go to: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/wapfmercedcounty/join

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