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Earth Day Anthem

“Joyful joyful we adore our Earth in all its wonderment

Simple gifts of nature that all join into a paradise

Now we must absolve to protect her

Show her our love through out all time

With our gentle hand and touch

We make our home a newborn world”


Spring has sprung with a burst of Earth Day festivities here in the Central Valley, find the closest to you and learn how to make a difference for your Mother Earth!

Your Earth Day Events:

Stockton April 18th

Modesto Junior College April 14th

Modesto Greceada Park April 17th

Riverbank April 10th

Madera April 23rd

Fresno April 24th

Visalia April 17th

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What is a Community Garden?

Any piece of land gardened by a group of people

A few months ago I visited a community garden and met an inspiring woman who is truly in love with dirt, gardening and the well being of her community. This kind preserver of nature is an ER nurse that admitted playing in the dirt was a great stress reliever. I applaud her for taking this passion one step further by following her dreams and bringing her community together to successfully build 4 community gardens in Riverbank, in just one year!

Her name is Dotty Nygard, she is president of the Riverbank Community Garden Coalition. Partnered with the school district, the city and the community this amazing hands on team have created a wonderful opportunity and educational environment for all, their goal and belief ….” creating consciousness for our earth, our community and ourselves”.

As I strolled through the first garden across from California Avenue School, with my camera in tow, Dotty sat with a group of children and read “Our Generous Garden”, a lovely children’s story about gardening. Quietly listening I could feel the profound respect and connection between Dotty, children and the dirt they learned to love and nurture together.

If Riverbank is your community don’t miss out, become a part of this experience and get dirty!

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Enjoy some good old fashion fall fun at  The Greenery in Turlock,

and see all the beautiful flowers, plants and unique goodies they have

to spruce up your home for the holidays!

October 16 – 18, 2009

California State University Stanislaus

Get inspired and equipped for the green future of the Central Valley!

The Council for Sustainable Futures is pleased to host the third annual environmental conference, featuring speakers, and activities that promote environmental solutions, human rights, and social engagement. Come and see how people are making a difference, globally, nationally and locally.

Morning sessions of the conference feature live satellite feeds from The Bioneers Conference, an acclaimed forum of social and scientific innovators.

Tickets are just $20 for the entire conference. Register today!

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Well, life has been busy here at Local Choices and consequently it has put me behind on my local favorite finds, so I’m catching up by putting together a not so short blip of all I wanted to share with you!

Make sure to right click on the photos to see more and remember…be a locavore & support local!

  • Local Choices on Facebook… for quick updates on what’s going on here in the Central Valley don’t be left in the dark, get yourself a facebook page, become our fan and connect with others!
  • Pure Valley Honey Bees… Frankie and Evelyn by far have the yummiest honey products I have ever tasted! This bee team comes from Le Grande and can be found at Merced, Mariposa and Los Banos Farmers Markets. Visit their website to see what they have & what they are up to!
    Pure Valley honey Bees
  • Xiong & Silva Farms…. a while back I discovered this small corner produce stand in Turlock on Tully & Canal, it is family farmed and diversified with fruits and vegetables, the selection was abundant and super fresh!
Xiong ~ Silva Farms
  • Green Leaf BBQ Shop & Catering…. is a new BBQ Shop located in Village Market Corner on Canal St. in Turlock. Owners Tim & Carrie take pride in offering unique bbq’n supplies that are earth friendly, from Treager bbq’s to wine infused wood chunks for a sweet smoked flavor. Need good quick advice on your techniques check out Tims blog & facebook for fun facts!
Green Leaf BBQ Shop
  • Pageo Farms…. from the road you can see the rows of sweet beautiful lavender but when you drive in there is a whole lot more going on. This charming Turlock farm has a stand with organic fruits & veggies, a large variety of peppers & tomatoes grown by Josh, bath salts, lavender lemonade, lavender cookies and what ever treats they feel like baking up for the day. In the back a courtyard surrounded by lush greenery, renovated barns and silo make for a perfect wedding or party setting. Look for them on 11573 Golf Link Rd. Become their friend on facebook for updates!
Pageo Farms
  • Merced Shares…. all I can say is genious, a group of urban women who love to grow their own foods found they had so much extra they decided to create a “food exchange”, they get together and bring what ever they have left over from their harvest, divide it up and everyone is happy! Learn more about these progressive backyard farmers on their blog!
Merced Share’s
  • Heifer International & UC Cooperative Extension… these two organizations have collaborated to help promote and support community and school gardens teaching organic sustainable agriculture here in the Central Valley. A valuable quest that needs community involvement, want to volunteer? Check out the learning farm in Ceres.
Heifer International & U C Cooperative Extension School Communituy Garden Seminar
  • Cynthia Flesher’s Pink Papaya Spa Parties….Inner Balance and Outer Beauty is her mantra, she is a Certified Massage Therapist in Turlock offering home spa parties with her luscious Pink Papaya skin & body line loaded with 100% pure essential oils. Treat yourself and friends to an “all about me time” and book a party!
Theraputic Body Works by Cynthia Flesher

Check back again for my next Central Valley updates!

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Young sustainable farmers in the making…

Thanks to Heifer International and University of California Cooperative Extension, who have partnered to help schools and communities start vegetable gardens, and with the collaboration among local non-profits a garden was grown and nurtured by local teens who have learned to farm organic seasonal produce and sell at the West Modesto Farmers Market!

Your are invited to tour this organic youth farm!

August 11

9 am ~ 2 pm

3906 Don Pedro Rd. Ceres

There will be…

  • free seasonal farm grown lunch
  • free seeds
  • educational workshops & resources for teachers and the community
  • fall & winter planting ideas
  • land preparation education
  • drip irrigation instrucion

Enjoy a day of learning, sharing and how to participate

in your local community and school gardens!

Please RSVP to

Anne Schellman ~ aschellman@ucdavis.edu ~

(209) 525.6800

more info here!

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Food, Inc is the upcoming film that no doubt will cause many to look at store bought food in a whole new way.  The sustainable, organic & eat local movement has been around for awhile but recently has been seen more and more in main stream media and now in our theaters.  Will this drive it home for those who are not sold on the importance of these beliefs?

Below the trailer gives us a peek at what to expect, tell us what you think….

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May 21 ~ 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

At the San Joaquin River Parkway in Fresno

William Emery, author of  “Edges of Bounty: Adventures in the Edible Valley”, will read from and sign copies of his book at Respite by The River, readings and performances related to life in California’s Central Valley.

This event is PERFECT for everyone involved in 4-H, the book is a glorious, probing series of stories about people in the Central Valley who make things themselves- who milk their own goats, make their own cheese, who keep bees or harvest organic fruit and work the farmer’s market every weekend- these are the people you know and love in the Valley.

This is a book about local food and what beauty is to be found in the valley; stories garnered from a year’s journey visiting farmers, goat herders, cheese and mead makers, livestock auctioneers, painters and orchard dwellers, fishermen and strawberry stand builders.

Join photographer Scott Squire and writer William Emery as they meander—bewildered, impressionable, and wry—through the roads, back roads, and backwaters of America’s greatest agricultural valley. Leaving behind the packaged comforts of supermarkets and restaurants, the pair roamed California’s Central Valley in search of “edibilists,” or those engaged in the production of their own food.

Free and open to the public; for more information call (559) 248-8480, ext. 154

or visit  www.riverparkway.org.

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Are you interested in greening your commute with an electric scooter? How about Greening your office, your garden or your community?

Come celebrate Earth Day at Modesto Junior College on Thursday, April 9, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on the East Campus Quad and see where the “Green Revolution” can take you and your neighborhood. The purpose of MJC Earth Day is to heighten environmental awareness, celebrate Planet Earth and all that it provides, and educate the community about green and sustainable practices!

Stop by our booth and see photos of your local family farms!

This event is free and open to the public.
For more information on the MJC Earth Day or MJC Project Green contact Elizabeth McInnes at mcinnese@mjc.edu or 575-6299 or Peggy Kroll at krollp@mjc.edu or 575-7855.

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  • Out with the old and expose the new with renewing hand treatment
  • Activate your senses with home fragrance oil samplings
  • Relax and unwind with chair massage
  • Refresh & moisturize with facial mists
  • Get up-to-date make-up tips with a make-up artist
  • Awaken your taste buds with a local homemade salsa, bread dippings and dessert!

For more info contact:

Cynthia G. Flesher, CMT
Young Living Essential Oils and Nature’s Sunshine Distributor
(209) 402-4884


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The highlight of this visit was not just a farm, but a very unique class room on a country road in Turlock, in a barn on a farm….
there are children , teachers, desks, chalk boards, cows, goats, pigs, turkeys, a vegetable garden, a fruit garden and lots of fresh air!

We arrived with organic seeds, donated by The Greenery Nursery in Turlock, and compostable containers for all the students. These kids where excited to show us their farm and share with us their responsibilities of animal care and garden care. Kat talked about our farm visits and the many career choices in the farm industry with out being a farmer. What really sparked their interest was talk about our blog and how we social network, after all this is the plugged in generation, they already have the skills of online networking and this group understood the importance of how to apply it in creating a successful business.

Here at Keyes To Learning Charter School young minds are taught the environmental issues that effect the area they live in by learning with a hands on approach to earth friendly responsible farming & gardening. This open laboratory for outdoor exploration is the only school in the central valley that offers an alternative and creative curriculum for home schooled students. Since 1978 the gardening program has been available to students ranging from 5th to 8th graders attending once a week, with the older mentoring the younger allowing them to work on their leadership skills. This school also teaches the standard class’s such as California History, Art and Nutrition.

Diane Sugerman is the Ag teacher responsible for plant science and environmental education and believes …. ” We need youth that are knowledgeable about agriculture so that the industry will continue to be a viable force in one of the most exceptional growing areas in the country.”

That was the good news, now here is bad news… this charter school faces budget cuts due to economic times and is in danger of losing its program. They are looking for a permanent site, as this one is rented, the hope would be that someone or the Ag industry would step forward and help out in the process of educating our K-6 children like the programs offered to middle and high schools. Charter schools can be much more creative in developing innovative programs.

We are spreading the word about this exceptional learning opportunity for the future of our children so that we might inspire or motivate someone to help find a permanent site that would allow these students to showcase our local agriculture community through sustainable gardening!

Please shoot us an e-mail if you are interested in supporting this school in any way at: annariedinger@gmail.com

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